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Weatherproof mobile mining centers
Download the technical specification and find out what makes our mobile data centers unique and why thousands of miners trust 1GHS.
Our company has been providing quality mining solutions since 2016. Our services include:

•Retail and wholesale of mining equipment;
•Manufacturing and sales of GigaBox mobile data centers;
•Placement and maintenance of mining equipment;
•Delivery of mining equipment from China;
•Investments in Mining;
•Mining equipment service center;

Throughout the years, 1GHS has been uniting miners from Russia and CIS. Join our community!

Honorary Member of the Russian Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Association (RACIB)
The most in-demand exhibit: "GigaBOX Modular mining data centers"
About 1GHS
Температура внутри от 27℃ до 29℃
Контейнер покрашен белой теплоотражающей краской, что не позволяет солнечным лучам создавать дополнительный нагрев.
Система видеонаблюдения
Позволяет видеть каждую часть контейнера и производить дистанционный осмотр оборудования.
Интернет подключение всех устройств производится с помощью мощного роутера и 20 свитч устройств.
Это позволяет создать собственную подсеть, а наши устройства мониторинга позволят следить за вашими устройствами из любой точки мира. Менять пулы, перезагружать, получать полную статистику. Это можно сделать через личный кабинет (только для продукции Antminer).
Ввод реализуется четырьмя алюминиевыми кабелями 185мм2
На два автоматических размыкателя по 630 А. Отдельный автомат на каждый асик.
Провода взяты с большим запасом
Все провода и патч-корды уложены в специальные короба. Провода взяты с большим запасом. Подключение розеток производится кабелем 3*1,5мм. Все провода идут маркировкой ВВГнг, где 'нг' обозначает не горючесть. Все провода медные и имеют сертификат ГОСТ. Розетки используются латунные от фирмы Legrand.
16 стоек по 24 аппарата
, что позволяет компактно распределить оборудование по контейнеру.
Пароизоляция и теплоизоляция пола
Пароизоляция и теплоизоляция потолка
Осевые вентиляторы 2 шт. общей мощностью в 250 000 м3/час
Полная замена воздуха происходит каждые 0,8 секунд. Что позволяет поддерживать низкую температура в очень жарком климате.
Эффективная фильтрация
Весь входящий воздух проходит через карманный фильтр, что позволяет защитить оборудование от попадания пыли и влаги даже при очень сильном ветре.
Explore the features of GIGABOX mobile data centers
How it works
Models mobile data centers
Fill in the form below and our manager will guide you through the selection process and answer all of your questions! You can also discuss custom solutions and get the latest info on prices & availability.
Timofey Grigorenko,
co-founder of 1GHS
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Fill out the partner application form now and start earning!
Fill out the application form and get a personal financial plan
Several mechanics to regulate your income (the lower the electricity rate, the higher your earnings)
Passive income from 14000 dollars with minimum involvement of the owner
Only 1-2 employees are needed for the operation of the business
A 10-fold increase in demand for mining equipment placement in 2021 (according to search console analytics)
Assistance and support from 1GHS
The launching process takes less than 28 days
Get the best results in mining!
with a yield from 14000 dollars per month
A ready-made business on the basis of the mobile data center
How we operate

First contact

Fill out a contact form or call us


Commercial offer

We will provide all required materials for reviewing our products and offers


Conference call

When the offer is reviewed, we meet up on a conference call with our technical director to clarify all technical issues


When all terms & conditions are reviewed, we will book a meeting with you at one of our offices or at the production site

Sealing the deal

Signing the contract and conducting payment


Shipment from production and signing of all necessary documents


We’ll organize the logistics and make sure that your product is delivered swiftly


Installation and set-up assistance

Every year we attend several forums and conferences as speakers, where we answer questions about our products. You can also visit us at our production site to find out how GIGABOX data centers are being created. In order to do so, sign up for a tour!
The Media on 1GHS
1GHS is an active member of the Association of Developers and Users of Blockchain Technology and Blockchain-Based Products, developing the technologies and mechanics of the Digital economy.
How is the delivery carried out and how much does it cost?

The products are delivered via trucks and lorries. The cost of delivery is from 55 rubles/km.

Do you warranty the mobile data centers?

Yes. Every mobile data center is covered by a 1-year warranty.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. Installment terms are discussed individually

What is your advantage over your competitors? Are there any special features?

GigaBox has several unique features, such as: built-in air inlet with hot air mixing function; the most powerful ventilation system - 250 000 m3/h; weather resistance; heat and steam insulation; high quality components; full earthing; monitoring systems, remote monitoring and video surveillance.

Can I set-up the mobile data center at your site?

Yes. Our managers will provide you with detailed information

How is the mining equipment remotely controlled?

Remote control is implemented with the help of the AwesomeMiner software: there is a desktop version of the software on Linux, Windows, MacOS and a web-interface.

Is it possible to operate data centers if it's -35 degrees celsius (-31°F)?

The mobile data center operates in normal mode at temperatures from -35 to +35 degrees Celsius. (-31 F to +95 F)

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Data Centers locations
Our mobile data centers are located all over Russia and CIS countries. More than 20 operating sites have already been created and 10 more are at the development stage.
1GHS in China. Our offices are located not only in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, but also in Shenzhen, China.
You can contact our customers directly and check the quality of our products. To do this, contact us via special number: 8 (800) 302-39-01 and name your city. A specialist will check the availability of customers and partners in your city and provide contacts.
This website is informational and reference character and under no circumstances is a public offer.
Information about prices, discounts and hosting plans can change due to various factors

Soon on:

Working hours of the sales department: from 10:00 to 19:00
Our offices:
- Saint-Petersburg (Chernyshevskaya)
-Moscow (Kurskaya)
-Shenzhen, China
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